New Rules for Juniors and Seniors planning to go to Prom

By Channing Whitaker | Staff Writer

With the help of ASB, Junior Class Council, and Senior Class Council, here are new rules that need to be followed for juniors and seniors to go to their perspective proms:

1. Letter of Recommendation from previous date or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend:                                                                                                

The Letter of Recommendation must be submitted and approved to ASB by the person who is writing for you. Kayla Khan, ex-girlfriend of Tigger Chen commented, “I personally am excited to write a bad letter of recommendation for my ex-boyfriend. Hopefully, my letter will cause my ex-boyfriend to not go to prom with my friend.”

2. Cannot do asks on campus: 

After the Letter of Recommendation is approved by ASB, your prom ask must be outside of Fremont and must be uploaded to a Facebook group called “IHS Prom Asks” by April 2 at 3:05 PM before Spring Break. ASB assistant advisor Mr. Chabert said, “For these young men and women planning to become married, they need to get experience doing their ask outside of school like if they were to propose to a special person in the future.”

3. Men: Dress shirt must match the color of your date’s dress;

For the guys, if your dress shirt does not match your date’s dress, you will not be permitted into prom. Senior class council member Nabaei Bravan stated, “This requirement for the guys planning to go with us girls will really show whether they would take the effort to take us to prom.”

4. Women: Dresses must be denim;

Yes ladies, you must wear denim to prom this year. “I recommended this rule for prom this year because I want to see a new trend of fashion that will hopefully continue on for not only this year, but for proms in the future.” Junior class council member Shavi Reth explained. “I hate seeing silk dresses over and over again.”

Upperclassmen, if you have any questions about the guidelines for prom this year, ASB member Sate Nullivan would be glad to talk to you.

An example of a denim prom dress that a girl could wear to prom. PC:
An example of a denim prom dress that a girl could wear to prom.