Irvington’s Visual Art students well represented in FUSD Art Show

By Channing Whitaker | Staff Writer

On March 18, the FUSD office held its annual art show showcasing from students in art programs such as Performing and Visual Arts. The Fremont Unified School District in particular recognized Irvington Visual Art students by putting their pictures inside the office building. Regarding Visual Arts, Irvington students art work were well displayed in classes such as Mrs. Barrett’s Art 1/Drawing and Art 2, Ms. Parker’s Art 1 and A.P./Studio Art, Ms. Linton’s Art 1/Art Spectrum, and Ms. Burton’s Photo 1 and Photo 2.

With the artwork on display from many Irvington students, the Fremont Unified School District was able to showcase most of the art pieces the students created.

Senior Madhuri Kumari explained, “I’m glad my piece Swearaf which is a animal combination of a swan, bear, and giraffe made it to the district art show. I worked very hard on that picture.”

This event not only intrigued lots of parents and students from around the school district, but it even intrigued counselors from Irvington such as Mrs. Mintey.

“The level of artistic ability of our students was impressive,” counselor Mrs. Minty explained, “In particular though, Mrs. Barrett’s Art 1 students really stood out to me at the art show.”

Despite all of the effort these students put into their art work, none of them could not have done it without their teachers.

“My painting of a beautiful red flower took several of weeks in total, including learning about the colors but, I’m glad it made it to the district art show,” junior Mitchell Kitazumi said, “This picture shows that I have grown significantly in this class thanks to my great teacher, Ms. Parker.”