Non-Irvington students attend Irvington through dual enrollment

By Vivian Chu and Tanisha Singh | Web Editor and Staff Writer

Irvington High School offers AP Computer Science and AP Physics C, higher level, specialized classes that other schools in the district do not have the faculty or space to offer. Some students from other schools in FUSD that want to take those classes have applied for dual enrollment to Irvington, meaning they take their regular classes at their home school and their specialized class at Irvington.

Dual enrollment allows students to take their preferred classes without over-complicating the scheduling process; however, it is not something that everyone can apply for. It is a case-by-case procedure that provides students a chance to participate in their preferred classes. Mission San Jose student Siddharth Chittaranjan partakes in Irvington’s AP Physics C class due to scheduling difficulties.

“AP Physics C is a really popular course at MSJ, but it is only taught for one or two periods,” he said. “There was an even higher demand this year, so Mission couldn’t accommodate everyone. Honoring student preferences and instead of moving on to alternates, my principal notified me of the opportunity to take it at Irvington.”

Although the procedure itself may seem complicated, the two schools have worked together to meet the needs of its students. Chittaranjan is able to attend Irvington until advisory and then commute back to Mission in time to reach his third period class.

Irvington students have participated in dual enrollment before as well. In fact, before Irvington offered AP Music Theory, Irvington students were able to take the class at Mission San Jose. Despite the complex process behind commuting between two schools, attending different campuses may be beneficial to students participating in dual enrollment.

“I feel so glad that I was able to have this opportunity to make my educational experience more diverse,” said Chittaranjan.