Irvington transitions from iBoss to Barracuda

By Vivian Chu | Web Editor

Recently, Irvington changed its web content filtering system from iBoss to Barracuda due to issues with consistency and compatibility with a new internet network. The transition occurred primarily because iBoss was not performing up to standards and caused a district-wide outage that occurred during early September. Additionally, due to an increase in internet traffic, Irvington recently upgraded to a new 10GB internet network which is incompatible with iBoss, further explaining the switch to the Barracuda system.

Some problems arose during installation regarding the deployment of the new content filter into the network; however, the members of the Fremont Unified School District’s Technology Department have successfully solved these issues.

We believe we have found the cause of the issues and have applied the fixes,” said Joseph Siam, Chief Technology Director for FUSD. “We have been working days, nights, and weekends to resolve the issue as unobtrusively as possible and waiting until after hours to apply fixes that require interrupting connectivity.”​

Siam hopes that he and his team will be able to work towards establishing a more secure and stable network for use by both students and staff.

“We now have a team of dedicated and credentialed network and server administrators working on our systems. This was not the case when I began working here a couple of years ago, and when ​many of our systems and networks were installed and configured,” continued Siam. “We are hyper focused on bringing all of our systems up to industry standard, or better. It will take some time to do this be in the end we will have a reliable network infrastructure in place that will serve us well for years to come.”