Club Spotlight: Officers Club

By Michelle Huang | Staff Writer

A new club on campus offers an opportunity to students looking to pad their college applications at the last minute. Officers Club was founded this year by senior Bobert Mcgogall, in order to provide every single one of its members with an officer position. Some of the 100 positions offered include Prime Minister, Captain of AP Tests, and Secretary of Signatures.

Officers Club meets every other month in an undetermined location. Their events include hosting pizza parties, hanging out at Starbucks to discuss college apps, and going to the movies, all of which are eligible for service hours. The club has gained so much traction that a waitlist has already formed, despite it being approved only last week. In fact, due to Officers Club’s popularity, a spin-off club, Officers-in-Training is currently going through the approval process.

“This is a really great start for the club. It’s very, very exciting–I see a lot of potential for growth in the future” said Mcgogall. “To be honest, I don’t know what benefits this club has brought its other participating members, and frankly I don’t care. But can you imagine how good this is going to look on my Harvard application? I’m definitely going to get in now.”

Officers Club brings a fresh and much needed perspective to Irvington.

“It really stands out from the interest-based clubs on campus,” said assistant ASB advisor Ms. Neapolitan. “Students are all so passionate about their interests nowadays. We needed a club that is completely disconnected from any genuine interest.”