New mascot candidates revealed

By Cathy Wang | Opinions Editor

Irvington Vikings are known for their vibrant school spirit and professionalism in competitions. However, the Vikings we allude and look up to raided coastal towns, killing travelers and burning homes for loot and poultry. They didn’t even wear horned helmets. Why is the Viking our mascot if Vikings in no way represents Irvington students? The following three mascots were proposed instead.


PC: Cathy Wang,

Rice – representative of our majority Asian population; shows variety (black rice, white rice, brown rice, red rice, wild rice, etc); sticks together through thick and thin; compatible with any dish/situation


PC: Cathy Wang,

Vending machine – representative of the need of breaks in life, especially between oppressive classes every day; comprised of many different products/types of people; bulky and metallic like the robots we are becoming from the rigid schooling


PC: Cathy Wang

Acorn – Does this logo look familiar? Yep, you guessed it. It’s similar to the CollegeBoard logo; representative of our devout worship of CollegeBoard; tough, leathery exterior like students’ persistent attitude toward obstacles; coveted by squirrels; bitter taste, developed through years of standardized tests

Please cast in your vote for the most representative mascot to Room 101C before Dec. 4.