Easy last minute present ideas

By Tanisha Singh | Staff Writer

Let’s be honest now. It’s tough being in high school and dealing with massive amounts of homework, tests, clubs, colleges, and of course family and friends. It’s that time of year again when we have to prioritize school over holiday gifts. If you still haven’t bought gifts for your family and friends this holiday season, then no need to worry. Here are some last minute present ideas that are easy to make and sure to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

Toy not Included: Ever been to a store where you saw the most amazing battery operated toy, but the batteries weren’t provided. Well no one would be happier than to receive some batteries during the holidays. It saves a trip to the store and serves a useful purpose anywhere in the house.

    1. Step 1: obtain some batteries (If you can’t find any, the ones from your fire alarm at home should do the trick)
    2. Step 2: find a small box that looks presentable, lying around your house
    3. Step 3: put the batteries in the box
    4. Step 4: label “batteries, toy not included”

Bugged by the Bugs: Flies, spiders, mosquitoes you name it your loved one gets scared of everything. But why should you have to kill the bugs when they can.

    1. Step 1: get two blocks
    2. Step 2: label block 1 as block 1 and block 2 as block 2
    3. Step 3: instruct friend to place bug on block 2 and smash with the block 1
    4. Step 4: in the end, they will have a bug-free life 🙂

Essential tree product: Binder Paper is crucial in practically every class so of course your friends will ask you for some since they never get their own. This holiday season get them some!

    1. Step 1: get binder paper
    2. Step 2: give it to them
    3. Step 3: tell them to never ask you again

Self powered Hot Tub: Bubble baths make stressful days feel so much better, but what if you can’t get bubbles. Well here’s a treat!

    1. Step 1: obtain a can of beans
    2. Step 2: instruct to eat can of beans one hour before bath time
    3. Step 3: take a bath
    4. Step 4: you will be a natural
If you’re loved one is bugged by the bugs, then this is the perfect present for them (Photo: Tanisha Singh).
If you’re loved one is bugged by the bugs, then this is the perfect present for them (Photo: Tanisha Singh).