Who stole Christmas?

By Sarvesh Mayilvahanan | Staff Writer

Christmas is celebrated worldwide by many people, but how do we celebrate it here in Fremont? Fremont, unlike other parts of the United States, does not get snow annually, and because of the ongoing drought, does not have rain either. So perhaps that means this year, Christmas will be celebrated in the dirt, just plain dry dirt.

As the holidays get nearer and nearer, dirtmen will start to appear on the dry, shriveled lawns of Fremont households and children will put on their jackets and scarves to play outside. There will be dirtball fights, but watch out, they hurt! They can even shatter glass and make dents in cars so make sure to be mindful of where you play. If you do decide to make dirt angels, be aware of how compact and dry the dirt is. You may need take a shovel and loosen it up with a few strong shoves before you continue.

To witness this dirt phenomenon, people from around the world will be traveling to the Bay Area, not to visit San Francisco and take pictures on the Golden Gate Bridge, but to be a part of this rare dirt Christmas.

The lack of both snow and rain makes it highly unlikely that Santa will make his annual trip here to drop off presents. This will likely disappoint the people who have moved to Fremont because of the cheap housing and boring lifestyle instead of moving to an urban area such as San Francisco.

Even though this year will be spent with dirt, not snow or rain, hopefully it will still be a happy time for everyone. You can throw balls of dirt and cause havoc in Fremont, or you can watch on as we sink deeper and deeper into the drought.