Not So Silent Night 2015 exceeds expectations

By Michelle Huang | Staff Writer

Alternative rock radio station, Live 105, kicked off its annual holiday concert on Dec. 11th. The star-studded line-up included Halsey, Bastille, and Weezer.

The concert was held at Oracle Arena, which was both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, the acoustics in the arena were so good that even a camera recording of the performances had crystal clear audio quality. On the other hand, the concert felt fairly subdued since a majority of the audience remained seated. Although many audience members waved flashing lights, the crowd remained quiet and seated. Aside from a couple of acts, the concert generally lacked the energy and vibrant atmosphere that is a major selling point of rock concerts.

The concert began at 4:30 PM and lasted for over seven hours, dragging on for so long that I had to leave before the end in order to catch the last BART train headed back to Fremont. Unfortunately, I arrived too late to watch X Ambassadors and Foals, two of the bands whose performances I was most looking forward to.

Scottish synthpop band CHVRCHES did not disappoint, playing hits such as “Recover” and “The Mother We Share.” Following CHVRCHES, the solo artist Halsey stepped onstage and captivated the crowd. Singing songs fresh off of debut album Badlands, Halsey delivered arguably one of the best performances of the night. Her stage presence is irresistable, as she temporarily brought life to the crowd.

The Silversun Pickups isn’t exactly my cup of tea, so I took their set as an opportunity to purchase a ridiculously overpriced hot dog. A word of advice–go for the hot dog stalls outside the arena, as those are far cheaper and actually taste like something you’d want to eat.

Following a rather elaborate set change, Bastille arrived and electrified the arena for nearly an hour. The British band played the familiar hits “Pompeii” and “Bad Blood,” but also dropped a few yet-unreleased songs off of their upcoming album. Every aspect of Bastille’s performance, down to their set design and acoustics, was picture perfect. They maintained the crowd’s energy for nearly an hour, an impressive feat considering how long the concert lasted.

Death Cab for Cutie stepped up immediately afterwards, launching right into their songs for over an hour. They avoided playing most of their well-known hits, such as “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” so as someone who isn’t a diehard fan of the band, I couldn’t identify any of the songs they played.

Lastly, the much-hyped Weezer appeared onstage to the crowd’s overwhelming delight. Weezer unofficially headlined the concert, so it’s no surprise that the audience shook off its lethargy and quickly became more enthusiastic than it had been the six hours prior to their set. Although undoubtedly a treat for Weezer fans, I don’t particularly enjoy their brand of pop punk, so I was relieved when the time came to finally leave.

Overall, Live 105’s Night So Silent Night 2015 did not disappoint. The line-up included a rather eclectic mix of artists, so whether you’re a Halsey fan or a Weezer fan, everyone was guaranteed to enjoy at least one set. If you’re considering attending next year’s concert, just make sure you buy tickets early, before prices rise.

Weezer performs onstage (Photo: Nicole White).
Weezer performs onstage (Photo: Nicole White).