iApprove iPhone 7

People should stop criticizing the iPhone 7

By Ayush Patel |Student Life Editor

Think about your first Apple product. It was probably some version of the iPod. From the elementary days, in which you had the iPod, you grew more and more spoiled and eventually came today. You now have an iPad, Macbook, Beats headphones, and of course, the iPhone. People heavily rely on Apple’s iPhones in particular because of its many useful features; the GPS, voice-text messaging, and health monitors are among many applications that assist people’s daily routines. However, after Apple’s announcement, which stated that the company would remove the headphone jack from the iPhone, many customers became angry at the idea of wireless earbuds. However, Apple justified that these wireless earbuds are improvements of it’s wired earbuds.  People should stop criticizing Apple for their newly-released iPhone 7 because, despite the phone’s drawbacks, Apple always creates products with quality and innovation.

As always, the new iPhone 7 is faster than its predecessors. According to Apple’s product testing, the iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion chip makes it twice as fast as the iPhone 6. In other words, the iPhone 7’s superior speed almost makes it a mini computer. People should not complain, therefore, as this quick speed is very user-friendly. Those who are impatient only need to wait a fraction of a second for their phones to load videos, games, or other applications. In addition to the A10 fusion chip, Apple improved the the camera in the new iPhone. Although the number of megapixels per photo did not change, the maximum aperture, which allows for blurry background effect, of the iPhone is now 1.8, compared to 2.2 of that of the iPhone 6s. In other words, the iPhone camera is on par with many professional cameras, and it allows for the user to takes pictures with similar high-quality depth. Apple stated that in the iPhone 7 Plus, there is an optical lens that allows a user to zoom twice as far as the normal iPhone 7 without making the photos seem grainy. Ultimately, instead of wasting thousands of dollars to achieve the same effect as a DSLR camera, one can take superb photos with the iPhone 7.

Despite the iPhone’s many new features, many are mostly fixed on the fact that there is no headphone jack and condemn Apple’s efforts to make the phone more user friendly. Remember how no one knew how to use the iCloud? Now, iCloud is extremely convenient as it allows users to easily share photos with others without going through the hassle of sending a multitude of photos through email or iMessage. Just like the iCloud, the idea of the Air Pods are undergoing a similar phase. Unsurprisingly, the most common complaint is that it is impossible to use earphones to listen to music on the iPhone 7, but one can still listen to music through the lightning connector.

With Air Pods, people do not need to worry about tangled or cut wires; students can even hide them better in the middle of boring lectures. Air Pods are expensive, but with good reason. They can be used as Bluetooth chips and have five hours of battery life on a single charge, which is more than enough power to listen to music. Just fifteen minutes of charging can yield three hours of battery life. In addition, Edison Research, a company that conducts polls and surveys monthly, claims that the average person in the United States listens to a total of four hours of music a day, meaning that the five hour battery life is more than enough. .

If you’re still unconvinced that the iPhone 7 is not worth the price, then buy the iPhone 6s. Except you will not. You will still buy the iPhone 7 because deep down, you know that Apple products are very long-lasting and reliable. Otherwise, you would never have bought previous iPhones or taken interest in the wireless Air Pods anyways. At least the iPhone 7 is not a ticking time bomb like its main competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S7.