Kennedy High School Faces Safety Threats During Spirit Rally

By Rahul Sudharsan | Staff Writer

Kennedy High School was placed on a shelter in place protocol on Oct. 8, during their Spirit Rally due to a nearby armed robbery and other police activity. Classrooms were locked and no students were allowed in the hallway, as per shelter in place protocol. Because of the threat to school safety, campus administration were highly wary of any danger to Kennedy students. Additionally, Walter Jr. High and Warwick Elementary were placed on lockdown due to their closer proximity to the police activity.  A few days before, clown threats were scattered throughout Instagram, which naturally caused some fear and anxiety for many Fremont residents. Although everyone was safe at the end of the safety procedures, were very frustrated about the cancellation of the Spirit Rally.

Rumors tend to start when there is a lack of information. In the newspaper on Saturday, and on the Police blotter, there was a very clear description of the police activity and the results of the police search for the suspects in Fremont,” said Kennedy Principal Edward Velez. “I can only assume that some people who did not read these sources came up with the first thing they thought made sense. However, clowns had nothing to do with the situation at Kennedy, “This was all related to a police incident which ended in an apparent crash somewhere on Stevenson Blvd.”

Unfortunately, students were still not pleased with missing their spirit rally. Although the interruption of the rally may be disappointing for Kennedy students, the events dispels any anxiety about clown attacks, especially during a time with rampant country-wide clown presences.