It’s More Circle than Golden

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Wikimedia Commons

Justin Su , Managing Editor

Kingsman: The Golden Circle continues to explore the Kingsman world of independent intelligence agencies using culturally themed weapons to combat world destruction level events. The sequel features many of the same characters in first movie, as well as introducing both new allies and villains for Eggsy to interact with.

The plot revolves around a drug cartel seeking to hold a large part of the US population hostage through poisoning drugs and offering the cure for ransom. The cartel’s leader, Poppy Adams, seeks to gain drug legalization and be exonerated in exchange for “curing” a large number of poisoned drug users. Yet, ironically, the majority of challenges faced in the movie are caused by other people rather than the kingpin herself. I enjoyed this aspect of the storytelling; the plot felt less linear and predictable, as usual spy movies are run by a single criminal masterminding the events.

For me, Poppy was a much less enjoyable villain than the first movie’s nemesis, Richmond Valentine, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson. Her persona is extremely two dimensional and her reasoning behind her motives are hard to empathize with. Additionally, Valentine’s character broke the third wall a number of times, understanding that he was a villain in a spy movie.

While the movie echoes the tone of the original whimsical action movie, it fails to bring anything new to the table. I don’t believe that this detracts from the quality of the movie; it still contains the same high standard that the first movie has. However, the novelty and wow factor of the first movie has definitely worn off. This makes it not a particularly impressive film, but no less enjoyable.

Characters in the movie generally have good decision making, albeit certain circumstances feel a little too convenient. However, I am glad that blatant product placement (McDonalds), was not present in this movie, and the way the plot resolution was original.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie; it’s a good movie to sit back and watch for a bit of fun while the brain is turned off. Despite my nitpicking, during no part of the movie did I become bored or confused, earning Kingsman: The Golden Circle ⅘ stars in my book. While it’s probably not worth a rewatch as the many references to the first movie are obvious, I’d say it’s worth a single viewing.

Now that I think about it, my largest grievance is that the trailers advertise a butt-kicking Channing Tatum, when that trailer scene is his only action sequence in the entire two and a half hour movie. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.