The Evolution of the School Backpack

Each year’s incoming high school class brings a new wave of motivated, well- prepared students. However, as freshmen evolve to sophomores, juniors, then to seniors, the motivational level plummets and the backpack contents decrease along the way.

Freshmen: Categorized by their high-level of motivation, excitement for school, and desperation for milk tea despite no driver’s license or any upperclassmen Uber plugs. They are often the ones who are at the pinnacle of the high school journeytheir work ethic, organization, and ambition can only be exemplified by their multiple brightly colored pens and highlighters found in their newly-purchased Jansport or North Face backpack. This species has the highest rate of locker usage, and are the best at keeping up with school in their planners. Except for the occasional bad decision, like buying unreasonably overpriced $6 milk tea at club rush, freshmen are very adaptable and have the ability to lead three more successful years of high school.

Sophomores: After the long trudging journey of CHANGE that brought students’ spirits and motivation down, it is time for a new beginning (or so they think) known as sophomore year. Still having an inkling of hope, a majority of sophomores still go on the Staples or Walmart school shopping sprees, catching the best deals during the summer (even though the best deals are after school starts). Even though they may or may not use their locker anymore, sophomores’ backpacks are still packed to the brim with essential materials such as binders, paper, pencils, and pens.

Juniors: Forget the backpack… stress already occupies the space on their shoulders before school has even begun.

Seniors: Finally, it is senior year. Seniors are often broke, but always have enough for the necessary dose of milk tea. Honestly, who needs a backpack when there’s always pdfs of the textbooks? Need binder paper, a pen, or a pencil? Just ask the elbow partner in English or find one laying on the ground—that’s good enough. Getting a driver’s license and car only to drive? Nah, it also functions as a locker, a place to eat lunch, and a place to hide and cry about college apps and QUEST. This cycle then starts over again when you enter college. Just now, there’s no going back.