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Shakers Bacon and Pepperoni Pizza

Shakers Bacon and Pepperoni Pizza

Prahalad Chari and Justin Kim, Staff Writers

Pizza is a food that anyone can enjoy. It is a classic in American cuisine and almost if not everyone in Irvington high school has tried pizza. We have now compiled reviews of three different pizza places in Fremont with different vibes and styles in their pies.


MOD Pizza (39010 Argonaut Way, Fremont, CA 94538)

The first impression you get from the exterior of  MOD Pizza is the nice modern look at the corner of a busy street, which definitely stands out. Inside is a very clean interior, with spacious seating, as well as an upbeat vibe (bonus points for playing Queen). The staff was welcoming and genuinely friendly, which came through in the service. The open kitchen also added to the liveliness of the restaurant as the pizza is made where you can see it. The quality of the pizza is taken into very careful consideration as they changed gloves each time they made a pizza to prevent cross contamination between ingredients. But enough talk, let’s get to the pizza:

The maddie ($6.87 for mini) is the cheese pizza of MOD, a simple mozzarella and red sauce pizza. The pizza itself is very thin and crisp, having a crunch in every bite. The sauce is very lightly spread and the cheese is rich in flavor. The burnt smoky flavor adds a nice aftertaste and makes you crave for more.

The Caspian ($6.78 for mini) is a classic BBQ chicken pizza with chicken, BBQ sauce, onion, and blue cheese. Not being the biggest fans of blue cheese, we were pleasantly surprised that the pungent flavor matched with the BBQ perfectly. It was also a delight that the BBQ sauce had the right balance of sweetness and tanginess where each flavor was not overwhelming the other. One complaint was that the cheese was pretty thin and did not hold up well with the toppings on top. Occasionally, all the toppings would slide off, but other than that, the crisp and thin pizza was amazing.

Overall, MOD Pizza is clean, has great service, and most importantly, has great pizza. It is a great hang out area to relax and have a few pizzas with friends, or even to have pizza delivered to your house as they have a delivery service as well. The pizzas, however, are very thin and you might need to order more than one to fill yourself up. There’s no complaints in having more than one pizza though.

Rating: 4/5


Shakers Pizza (4075 Thornton Ave, Fremont, CA 94536)

Shakers Pizza looks almost like an inn or a cozy house. Upon opening the front door, there is a bit of a strange smell, but nothing too strong or discomforting. The interior is spick and span and was actually remodeled after a fire a few months ago. It is also surprisingly spacious, but the cozy booths made it very comforting. And now to the pizza:

The cheese pizza ($4.05 for mini, there’s also small, medium, large, and extra large) is a classic cheese pizza with some red sauce and cheese on top. It looked very thick and fluffy, but surprisingly, the crust and the bottom was crunchy. The top, however, was extremely fluffy and had a thick dough. Each bite started soft and ended with a satisfying crunch. The cheese stayed on the pizza even with stretching and never came off. The zesty sauce was another highlight of this very simple yet delicious pizza.

The bacon and pepperoni pizza ($12 for medium) is literally just the cheese pizza with a lot of bacon and pepperoni on top. And who doesn’t love a lot of bacon and pepperoni? The fluffy dough sandwiched between the crunchy bottom and crisp bacon added a nice feel in each bite. It’s bacon, how can it not be good?

Shakers is definitely a place that is, at heart, nostalgic of a family gathering. There is an arcade with a lot of games, a bar, and even a new ice cream shop. It is a great place to take your family for a comfortable lunch or dinner with not only some very filling pizza, but hamburgers, sandwiches, and calzones. The service is very friendly and down to earth, just like family. The place oozes with comfort, and it shows in the comfort food it dishes out.

Rating: 4/5


Chicago’s Pizza With a Twist (7994, 46703 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539)

Chicago’s pizza with a twist is a small Indian-Italian fusion restaurant nestled in the center of Warm Springs. On the outside, it doesn’t seem to stand out, but the moment, one steps in, they are welcomed by a blast of marvelous aroma. The smell was like a mishmash of multiple curries and was very inviting. The interior was very clean, yet small. The area itself was not too crowded. While enjoying dinner, one could catch a sports game playing on the two large T.Vs.

All of the pizzas were served in a classic Chicago deep dish pizza crust. The cheese pizza ($5.99 for a mini) was similar to ones found elsewhere and nothing stood out too much. The crust was the highlight of this one. Being crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside, and not too thick (a common problem in the deep dish), the crust was able to accentuate the simple flavors of cheese and tomato sauce. The sauce itself was quite tangy and provided a nice kick of acidity to cut through the richness of the stringy cheese.

The paneer tikka masala pizza was definitely the highlight of the experience. Priced at ($7.99 for a mini) The pizza had a sauce reminiscent of both a creamy alfredo and a curry,  instead of the typical tomato one, which was arguably the best part of this pizza. It provided hints of creaminess and added another layer to the amazing texture of the pizza. The deep dish crust was crucial as it prevented all the amazing sauce from sliding out. The pizza also had some paneer (a style of cottage cheese typical to India), mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers and red onions. The paneer was coated in a wonderful mixture of spices and did not overpower the rest of the pizza while still adding that kick of spice. The rest of the veggies complemented the various rich components of the pizza and still gave it the much-needed freshness. Overall, this pizza has everything from creaminess, to stringiness, to acidity, to spice, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Chicago’s Pizza With a Twist is the place to go to if you want something other than your regular pizza and want to try new. While the atmosphere here isn’t the greatest, it makes up for it in the wonderful pizzas it dishes out. The area is clean but fairly small. This is definitely more of a delivery-geared restaurant but the food will definitely satisfy every person who walks through those doors.


Cheese: 3.5 stars

Paneer Tikka Masala: 5 stars

Overall (including ambiance) : 4.5 stars