Families at Irvington: SHAPE: Inaya Rehman


Kelly Feng, Staff Writer

4 words to describe SHAPE: Fun, special, great, family.


One of my hobbies is swimming, and I’m in SHAPE leadership as the head of fundraising. I also love biology, and right now I’m in a ROP class called medical assisting and it’s really interesting. 


I love SHAPE, it’s a family, and I feel like we have a lot of opportunities just through SHAPE. We get alot of professionals who come and visit us, we get set up with mentors from the healthfield, a lot of interesting field trips, and learn more about health related stuff. We also had a lot of good field trips. For example, we decorated a christmas tree at Christmas in the Park just for SHAPE. Another time, we went to a biology lab and we got to try all these different inventions and test oxygen and heart rate at the same time and it was really cool. We all got to try different stuff out. Most people want to do stuff like kinesiology, or biology, or related majors. I personally want to become a doctor. 


Compared to the other families, I feel like we are much closer as a family, we have more fun experiences, just because our field trips are a bit more unique, we go visit labs, and more. Once a month, we get together in advisory, and Ms. Tebow brings in food or sometimes there’s an activity we all do together and it really bonds us together. It’s just that we’re a family. We’ve been together for three years, four periods, and have a lot of memories together. Well, you’re stuck with the same people for four classes for three years, so if you don’t like the people in your class if you have drama of people that can be a problem. But my class is really nice, so I feel like we all really get along.


It SHAPEd my aspirations because we do a lot of science health and medical stuff, so it made me realize that I really do like learning about English and science related stuff. I learned that I really want to go into the science field and SHAPE is really important for people if they are not sure they want to go into the science field. If you’re really interested in the science field and if you want classes related to the science field, join SHAPE! If you want a family at the same time, join SHAPE!