Pho Nation is Pho-ntastic

Pho Nation, a new restaurant that serves pho and other Vietnamese dishes , has recently opened in Newark. Surrounded by other shops and eateries, it offers ample seating, friendly service, and quality food even if it’s a bit pricey. 

The restaurant’s specialty is pho, a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup. Pho is known to have a rich, flavorful broth, which Pho Nation attempts to deliver. While they use and offer a variety of additions to the base soup, there were only whispers of flavor in the broth. They also offer vegetarian pho for those with dietary restrictions. The other additions of the soup, including meat, veggies, and noodles were tasty but not worth the price: a medium bowl costs around twelve dollars, while a large bowl costs between thirteen and fifteen dollars. Despite this, the serving sizes are somewhat big, which may be daunting for individual orders. Overall, the pho itself is a bit pricey for its decent, not extraordinary quality. 

Apart from pho, the restaurant also offers rice plates, vermicelli, and appetizers. Rice plates, which vary from between twelve to fifteen dollars, are offered in many varieties. The rice plates can include grilled chicken, egg rolls, salads, and more, although most of the offered plates include meat. Their vermicelli, a type of thin noodle, does have a vegetarian option amongst meat options. Most of the vermicelli dishes are about twelve dollars, with the house salad costing fifteen dollars. Popular appetizers are the fried shrimp rolls and fried potstickers, which are made with high-quality ingredients. The ingredients may be the reason for the somewhat high prices, but this does allow for fresh-tasting, healthy food. 

One interesting part of the restaurant is its ordering format. Instead of a typical sit-down procedure, where a waiter leads you to your seat and delivers your menus, you order and pay at the counter, choosing your own table before the food is delivered to you. There is ample seating, as well as music and tvs, which provide entertainment that contributes to a casual, warm atmosphere. Another interesting feature is that the tea and water are self-served, as opposed to having a teapot and cups with you at the table. The staff are also very welcoming and friendly, both behind the counter and as servers. Overall, they offer a variety of dishes, including savory appetizers, that can be enjoyed by everybody, including vegetarians. While their pho may lack a bit of flavor, they have other options for you to enjoy as well, even if they are a bit pricey. With friendly staff, a casual atmosphere, and a wide variety of food, it is  a nice place for a group meeting or a filling meal with friends and family. 

Alice Shu

The Pho Nation Combo #1 includes rare steak, well done flanks, briskets, beef balls, and tripes.