Homecoming Court Top 4: Kyle Peng


“You know, in all honesty, I think people voted for me because I’m weird. I wanted to be nominated, so I’ve really publicized that a lot. Second, I’m loud and I think that people are drawn to that. If you’re loud you’ll get attention, whether that’s good or bad attention. When it comes to homecoming voting, a lot of people might not know the people running so they’ll vote for me because they’re like ‘oh hey! I know that guy’. 

Most people probably would say that I’m weird and out of pocket or that they’re surprised I haven’t been canceled yet. I guess people would also say that I give off  a ‘fun vibe,’ which is also why they would like me or want to nominate me in the first place. Personally, I thought it would be funny to run for court because I’d imagine that people don’t really see me as that “Homecoming King” kind of person. I might not have that exact stereotype or personality in me, but I thought it would just be cool to win so hey, why not. 

Throughout my high school career I’ve been involved with Youth Alive club, which is the Christian club at Irvington, Creative Writing club, and I’ve played the trumpet in marching band for all four years.

Looking back, I would hope that I’ve created a better atmosphere for the school. It’s not just all about academics- try to have fun and have those funny moments where you’re just like ‘what the frick was that?’ I’ve always tried to be and bring the unexpected so it’s not just the same old thing everyday. Especially for Irvington students, my advice would be to simply stop caring so much. The further you get from high school the more you’ll regret all the time you spent on grades rather than building friendships and living your high school experience to the fullest. 

This school is built like a prison. But the students here are what really bring it to life. So if you can keep things fun and get over all the bad teachers, terrible air quality with all the smoke that we have, and look beyond the surface level of our school,  you’ll have a good time”