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Leo’s Cards for Healthcare Workers

Irvington LEO Club made 260 cards, and they are currently the winning school. Cards for the other schools are in the process of being counted.
Aditya Bashyam, Staff Writer October 30, 2020

From Sept. 26 to Oct. 12, Irvington LEO Club held their first service event of the year, Leo’s Cards for Healthcare Workers. LEO clubs in the Fremont Unified School District competed with each other,...

Smile Doesn’t Necessarily Bring a Grin To Your Face

Smile is Katy Perry’s sixth album, selling 50,000 units in the United States
Aditya Bashyam, Staff Writer September 24, 2020

Three years after her last album, and just two days after giving birth to her daughter, Katy Perry released her 6th album, Smile on August 28, 2020. Smile has debuted at the fifth position in the U.S.A.,...

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