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Fremont’s Answer to Bicyclist Safety

Bike poles can be seen in front of the Main Fremont Library
Isabella Lam, Staff Writer March 17, 2020

In an attempt to help improve the safety and comfort of bikers and pedestrians around Fremont, Fremont’s Transportation Department has started the construction of bike poles, also known as delineators,...

Are Mandatory AP Meetings a Mistake?

Isabella Lam, Staff Writer February 29, 2020

Massive lines accumulating outside a small room. People pushing and shoving, more impatient than Asian parents driving their kids to school. It’s not a Great Mall Black Friday sale, but rather, the...


Isabella Lam, Staff Writer February 2, 2020

With talks of World War 3 being evermore prevalent and Pulitzer winning news sites like Tik Tok and Twitter reporting even more hostility between the Cheeto Man and Iran, it becomes clear that Gen Z must...

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