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The 626 Night Market has numerous set up, with merchandise ranging from homemade jewelry to jumbo sized stuffed animals.

626 Night Market: Worth It?

Geetika Mahajan and Isabella Lam October 11, 2021

After a COVID-mandated year-long halt, the 626 Night Market has returned to the Bay Area, bringing their overpriced boba drinks and fried food with them. The market has locations from the Pleasanton fairgrounds...

Irvingtons current club system ensures that students at Irvington can try out a variety of different experiences.

More Clubs More Fun

Vivek Garg, Sports Editor September 18, 2021

A quick peek into Norse Hall after school on a Tuesday reveals the faces of over 60 smiling freshmen learning Parliamentary Debate for the first time. If you check the same location a day after you see...

Several clubs at Irvington serve extremely similar purposes, to the point where members and resources are spread far thinner than they need to be. Credit to Jay Phatak for the sun idea.

Clean Out Conflicting Clubs

Sumukh Murthy, Web Lord September 17, 2021

In the last few years, many at Irvington have been noticing an alarming trend. New clubs are popping up left, right, and center, often with events and activities that clash with already existing ones....

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