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When FLEX Becomes a Reflection of Teacher Popularity

 Recent teacher behavior has since sparked uncomfortable feelings in students, and 20% claim they wish advisory was normal again.
Rebeca Delgado, Public Outreach Director October 30, 2018

Following the commencement of Irvington’s new FLEX advisory program, school administration has reported “a recurring pattern of mysterious behavior” among teachers and advisors. “We don’t...

Dear Trump, We Hate Fake News, Too

 Ironically, Trump repeatedly Tweets about his frustration with ‘fake news’.
Rebeca, Staff Writer April 30, 2018

After claiming that the United States was threatened by a “drastic surge of illegal activity,” President Trump announced that the National Guard would be assigned to patrol the southern border, sparking...

Be Original, They Said

Rebeca Delgado, Staff Writer November 14, 2017

As Americans, when we think Thanksgiving, we think turkey dinners and pumpkin pie. Here’s how some people have found ways to make Thanksgiving their own. University of Wisconsin’s Frozen Turkey...

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