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Massive Expansion for Irvington’s IP Cloud

Sabir Utamsing December 7, 2011

IHS expands its IP pool nearly four fold Over Thanksgiving break,  Mr. Johns was at school multiplying the school’s IP pool nearly four times. The way a network works is there is a router with a...

Is Darth Vader really Luke’s father in High Def?

October 3, 2011

A New Experience for Old Fans by Sabir Utamsing George Lucas and Lucas Films re-released his famous hextology saga: Star Wars. Except this time, its on Blu Ray. As an avid fan of the films, I per-ordered...

Aspirations Erased

Sandy Chen September 24, 2011

Mural gone?   *EDIT*   Because The Staff of the The Voice felt it was necessary, we decided to do further research on the matter. An updated version of the story has been published...

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