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I am a bibliophile of the first degree; yes, I am a writer in the shadows, the music that surrounds me is the everlasting click of keys depressed beneath my fingertips. I am a Francophile; I would write articles in French if I were allowed to. I also played water polo for the Ohlone Renegades in 2011...I also swam for two years in the Milpitas Tidal Waves. I'm sort of a water person. there's nothing else really interesting about me, unless you count my alter ego, the calm and collected Aurelie Sucre. Email her at if you ever want some crazy French conversation. Me: PS: You like pie. Aurelie Sucre: Wait-WHAT?

Girls self-judge and boys don’t cry

April 21, 2015

By Shonushka Sawant | Web Editor We’ve all felt it, whether we’re male or female: the sting of casual stereotypes dropped in passing. “Girls tend not to be as rational as boys are.” “Men just...

Movie Review: Battle of the Five Armies

January 30, 2015

By Shonushka Sawant | Web Editor Battle of the Five Armies, the last movie of the Hobbit film series, premiered on December 17th. Although the film has several stunning visual effects, such as the...

Food, Fun, Chaos, and Pranking

December 13, 2014

Shonushka Sawant | Web Editor As someone with siblings, I’ve thought time and again that living side by side with sisters and brothers yields only rewards. It’s true that siblings are invaluable...

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