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Black Friday vs. Parent Teacher Conferences

Aditya Kumar and Aditya Kumar

November 26, 2011

Which of the two thoroughly sucks the most? From the beginning of mankind, our species has attempted to find the answer to the greatest question of our time: Which of the two evils is better - parent-teacher conferences or Black Friday shopping? Read this summary to make your own conclusion. ...

“Not Again” Halloween Costumes

Tina Kantaria

October 21, 2011

Overrated Halloween costumes we’re tired of seeing 1. Pink Ladies: We get it. Those shiny pink jackets, bright lipstick, and vintage neckties are a super cute way to tell the school that you’re the popular ones, but the pink ladies are completely overrated. In fact, they were probably overrat...

Make the Perfect Homecoming Speech

Melanie Doherty

October 21, 2011

Be the king or queen that everyone votes for. So you’re running for homecoming court and you’re looking for a satisfactory king or queen speech that really gets the crowd moving, to ensure that you will get many votes. Throughout your speech never say your name, people won’t know who they ar...

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