The Irvington Voice


Principal Observer

By Shajee Syed-Quadri

December 3, 2009

What to do when Mr.Murchison and other administrative members are watching Attention teachers! Your jobs are on the line! Mr. Murchison, along with other admin members, are scrutinizing your every move as you teach a bunch of snot-nosed and ill-mannered children. Thus, you ought to listen to the advice a...

You Know You Go to America’s “Greenest” School When…

By David Lo

December 3, 2009

You go to Irvington High School One of your teacher’s has a car with the license plate “R3CYCL3” on it. Your urinals don’t use water. Where does it all go…? You see a giant solar panel in the middle of the grass. What exactly does it do…? There’s beef between environmental club, green advisory, recycling ...

School Dances Are Really “Cool Dances”

By Sri Ravipati

December 2, 2009

Administration reveals plot to make dances effectively cooler Have you ever wondered why school dances are the coolest, most highly anticipated social events these days? Some say it’s because the DJ’s are better this year, while others believe those sheik tablecloth screens have done the trick. Howev...

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