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Speaking Out of Turn

By Shajee Syed-Quadri

October 16, 2009

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Famous people not leading by example Obnoxious. Childish. Unthoughtful. These are just some of the words that precisely describe the behavior of some celebrities over the past few weeks. From Kanye West’s rude and unnecessary...

She is Not a Man

By Justine Yan

October 16, 2009

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Caster Semenya’s gender controversy has raised serious questions As soon as South African track athlete, Caster Semenya, crossed the finish line of the 800-meter race at the 2009 World Championships of Athletics, everyone...

I Am a Football Idiot

By Justine Yan

October 16, 2009

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I live right across the street from an Irvington football player. When we were in elementary and middle school, we played basketball together almost every afternoon in our neighborhood’s cul-de-sac. It’s been a long...

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