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Reaching Out

Katherine Wang

March 28, 2011

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Sophomore Wanda Zhan winds top honor in China Sophomore Wanda Zhan was recently voted one of the Top 10 People of the Year in China for her work in the Sichuan province of China where she taught and played with children af...

Varsity Soccer is looking forward to a Sensational Season

Eugene Wong

February 6, 2011

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Athlete Spotlight: Kyle Nguyen The Vikings Soccer season kicks off with intense practices, scrimmages, and games. This season is probably going to be the most vital one for senior Kyle Nguyen. Having played on the Irvington...

A Manly [March] Experience

Shajee Syed-Quadri

May 2, 2010

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The experience of Manly March was indeed a unique one. The whole not shaving for an entire month was trying. Luckily, I survived and lived to tell the tale. Definitely the most difficult part of Manly March was not being able...

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