A student with zombie make up roaming around the campus

Annika Yong

Zombie Run scares Irvington into being fit

October 22, 2016

The Mission Peak Spartan Training and Centre for Creative Arts organized the first ever Zombie Run on Oct 22. Participants signed up in groups of four to six to participate in this specially themed Spartan Training activity. The CCA students were the zombies while the Spartan training participants were responsible for setting up the obstacles in the race. The runners ran around the football field, throughout the track, hallways and lastly arrived at the side entrance in this campus-wide run.

The Zombie Run is a fun activity that brings students, teachers and community members together to enjoy themselves and exercise at the same time in a special “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” themed environment. This year the proceeds from the Zombie Run went toward art supplies and field trips for the CCA program and will go toward CCA scholarships next year. The zombie run also allowed students to preview Spartan Training in a fun, no pressure kind of way.

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  • Runners attempt the laser maze created by strings

  • Runners cross over obstacles throughout the course

  • A student with zombie make up roaming around the campus

The zombie run involved students dressing as zombies, using makeup to enhance the activity’s atmosphere. Actors patched themselves with liquid latex on their faces and necks to imitate torn flesh and paint to resemble blood. They were roaming around the campus with jerky, staggering movements, and intimidating the running participants. The run itself was made up of a wide variety of obstacles, such as rope-climbing, sand bag carrying, tire flipping, traverse wall, and up-and over-climbs in the football field and track. The CCA students also transformed the plain hallways into a creative string laser maze by tying numerous strings across the hallways onto the lockers on both sides.

The student runners had a thorough workout and a marvelous time with their friends. A student runner Neha Rampal (10) thought it was an enjoyable experience, and said it actually made her want to try Spartan training.

Ms McAuley also had a pleasant workout.“The zombies were really scary, and I got the best exercise running away from them! ”Ms McAuley joked, and added, “Some of the athletic teachers laughed at us but it’s okay.”

Zombie Run organizer Ms Avon said the activity was something that everyone could participate in and enjoy. “There were teachers out there who are hard-core runners, teachers who did the whole course with their kids and babies in strollers, and people like me who took it slow and just enjoyed the scare factor of the zombies.” Ms Avon said. She hopes to make it an event where students can earn service hours to attract more students to participate next year. She added, “ We can’t let Mr. Jones and Mr. Jackson dominate the course with their athletic prowess. Students need to bring their A-game next year!”

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