Government Worker ’09 | Lena Lee

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Government Worker ’09 | Lena Lee

Lena Lee graduated Irvington in 2009

Lena Lee graduated Irvington in 2009

Lena Lee graduated Irvington in 2009

Lena Lee graduated Irvington in 2009

Sanjana Gudivada, Staff Writer

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Lena Lee, a 2010 Irvington graduate, now works in the county in an auditor’s office where she ensures that taxes are paid on time and that financial records are accurate. She loves going to her job everyday. She wasn’t always sure of the career path she wanted to pursue when she was younger

After studying public administration in college, she became interested in a career in government.

“I think I was a kinesiology major for a semester and then I majored in biology for a year.” said Lee.

Lee also changed her major in college two or three times. But she ended up taking what she is pursuing as her career now: public administration and political science.

“I was thinking that Biology would be a broader, safer choice, but in the end I figured that if I don’t enjoy studying it quite as much as I loved studying things related to government, am I gonna be happy? So I switched.” Lee explained why she decided to switch majors.

Lee found her love for government in high school during senior year in Ms. Cannavaro’s Government class Aside from Government, one of her favorite classes that she took was Home Economics with Ms. Coulson.

“I think Home Ec is something that you don’t really see offered in a lot of high schools anymore” Lee said, “ I was very fortunate to be able to learn how to sew a button and fix any tears in my clothes, do a hem, so I think that is like a pretty good life skill that I thought was pretty useful and a good memory.”

She also played badminton with Mr. Strout, and it was her favorite extracurricular activity.

“I think he definitely taught me to have thicker skin.” Lee said, “ He was probably one of my favorite teachers.”

Aside from taking Government, Lee was also involved in many clubs during her high school years and it taught her many useful skills.

“For the American Cancer Society I was vice president and the for the Do Something club I think I was publicity” Lee said, “I would say that being officer for those clubs really helped me learn some leadership skills. You know being able to lead meetings, be organized and setting up fundraisers. It definitely gave me skills that helps me in my career now.”

Lee believes that high school has changed immensely since she left Irvington 10 years ago.

“For us, we didn’t have social media as much so we weren’t surrounded by all these celebrities getting plastic surgery and all these 13 year olds wearing full faces of makeup.” Lee said, “When I went to high school it was a lot more chill, it was a lot less pressure to look a certain way.”

Lee thinks that high school kids nowadays have a lot of pressure from juggling AP classes, to participating in stand-out extracurriculars, to maintaining a 4.2 GPA

During high school, Lee wishes she was involved in even more clubs and joined the Student Body Government.

“I think [ASG] is a pretty good activity to add to your resume when you’re applying to colleges and stuff. I definitely think that would give you a lot of skills that would help you in your career.” Lee said.

Lee reflects on her high school self and leaves some valuable advice for high school students.

“It doesn’t really matter how long the journey is as long as you get there. Some people just take longer. Some people are just lucky, some people just end up at the place they wanna be quicker,” Lee said, “But i would just say you know, make sure you don’t beat yourself up over. I just feel like you just end up where you’re supposed to be like it just happens, life just works out.”

She also says that it is important to embrace yourself because being the best and all of the other pressures from high school don’t last in college. So it is important to be who you are and not care what others say about you.