Question Man but It’s All Ms. Kamal

December 5, 2019


The following is a transcript of a conversation I had with Ms. Kamal.


Geoffrey Zhang: What is your American Dream?

Ms. Kamal: My American Dream is to give back to my mother for all the sacrifices she made for her family as an immigrant and a single parent.

G: What is the meaning of life?

K: I think the meaning of life is to find your own meaning in life.

G: What’s your deepest desire?

K: To be just like Ariela Koehler.

G: What size tables do you like?

K: I like long tables, so that everyone can have a seat at the table.

G: What do you think is overrated?


G: Could you elaborate on that?

K: No comment.

G: What is your persona, and how many of them do you have?

K: My persona is to have multiple personas. On any given day, I can have 50 to 5000 personas, so no one really knows the real me; not my colleagues, not my friends, not my students.

G: So you would be unable to describe to me your persona right now?

K: Yes.

G: How do you deal with bullies?

K: I beat them…with staplers.

G: What’s your favorite handshake?

K: Ok, you go like this, and then you go like this.

G: What’s Obama’s last name?

K: Obama.  What kind of incompetent question is this?

G: What’s is your favorite book?

K: I don’t have one favorite book. You can’t ask an English teacher what you favorite book is. That kind of question will make them have a panic attack or anxiety attack. How can we narrow it down? But I can give you my top 5. The entire, complete works of Shakespeare, the complete Harry Potter series, books 1 to 7, everything Toni Morrison has ever written, both fiction and non-fiction, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, and then my own book that I wrote.

G: So that’s like, 50 books.

K: Yea!

G: What’s the exceptional country?

K: Afghanistan.

G: Do you want to elaborate a bit about your book?

K: No, because it hasn’t been published yet, so I would be talking about something that hasn’t achieved success. You’re either being arrogant or jinxing your success. I only talk with close people for advice about my book. 

G: What persona do you use when you describe your book to people?
K: My intellectual, professor persona.


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Geoffrey Zhang, Staff-writer
Geoffrey (11) is one of the new staff writers on The Voice, but he probably should’ve applied earlier instead of taking two years of Spanish (which he regrets doing). Now that he’s in, however, he plans to expose the school of all its secrets. In his free time, you’ll find him either playing his instrument, working in the Irvington Makerspace, or sleeping.

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