Board of Education authorizes Declaration of Qualified Educators

Annika Yong, Staff Writer

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On  April 13, the FUSD Board of Education authorized the Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Teachers. The district is required to anticipate areas of need and submit to the Board a list declaring need for fully qualified educators in certain subject areas.

FUSD’s Human Resources Department has anticipated areas of need where emergency permits are likely to occur based upon known shortage areas and previous experiences of difficulty in finding fully credentialed applicants. Some of the credentials and requirements for a fully qualified educator in the fremont district include a bachelor degree, teacher preparation, subject area test, Crosscultural Language and Academic Development (CLAD).

“Schools will submit their vacancy teacher position list to the fremont unified district , while the district and California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) to overlook their anticipated areas of need,” Irvington Principal Sarah Barrious said. “The CCTC will be able to collect the declarations of need across the State and identify overall potential shortages of positions.”

Irvington has faced common shortages of mostly english, mathematics and special education teachers. The declaration is to be made to find fully credentialed teachers and so that no emergency permits will be sought where fully credentialed teachers are available.

“Every year the declaration of the need for fully qualified educators indicate how many teachers estimate they will need for the following school year,” Human Resources Department Certificated Personnel Director Sherry Strausbaugh said. “We use the list to supply the district to come up with a number of teachers needed in a certain area. The Human resources Department will be aware of decisions for recruiting and hiring qualified educators using an internal list of vacancy positions, but the [declaration of the need for fully qualified educators] is submitted to the country to use the information at a broader overview.”