Gordon Ramsay is the real Masterchef

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Gordon Ramsay is the real Masterchef

Annika Yong, Staff Writer

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Before anybody starts grilling Guy Fieri, the guy already did it himself – why else would he be wearing a flame shirt everywhere? If Guy Fieri represents you, Gordon Ramsay would represent the guy your girl tells you not to worry about. Food Network featuring Guy inhaling a triple patty double bacon burger does showcase his ability to produce gross scenes of dripping meat sauce off his numerous chins, but Gordon Ramsay provides far better entertainment by cooking real fine food. Gordon Ramsay is well-known for his outstanding artistry in firing expletives towards other chefs’ culinary skills commonly seen in his television shows “Masterchef”and“Kitchen Nightmares”. As a cooking prodigy, the only time he burns is when he mercilessly roasts horrendous creations and Italian grandmothers on Twitter.

Gordon’s candor criticism would seem insulting and rude to a lot of people – but welcome to the real world kids, people don’t care about your fragile heart. Criticism is crucial to the refinement of a skill, therefore Ramsay’s fussing about beluga or osetra sturgeon caviar is crucial towards the advancement of gourmet quality dining.

So here I shall declare Gordon as the far better chef with a juicy poem:

Gordon has 16 Michelin stars, Fieri has none.

Guy is no celebrity while Gordon sure is one.

Fieri’s also sexist and disrespected gays, Gordon’s also rude, but at least he’s rude to everyone.

Guy Fieri only has nine restaurants across our great American nation

While Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants across the world totaled at 21

Guy is wearing a lame flame shirt, Gordon’s wearing a real chef apron.

Gordon is sharpening his knives, Guy take your sunglasses and run.

Consider this victory obvious, consider this mega duel done,

Since everybody knows who’s the better chef who won.