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Elaine Chan
Elaine (10) has been a staff writer and student life apprentice on The Irvington Voice for one year.  She especially enjoys the interviewing aspect of journalism.  In her free time, Elaine enjoys dancing and traveling with her family.

Elaine Chan, Staff Writer

Feb 26, 2019
Breaking News: Work to Rule Ended, So What Happened? (Media)
Nov 15, 2018
A Clash of Opinions: FUSD School Board Elections (Story)
Nov 15, 2018
Senior Jennie Gai Wins Team Gold at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games (Story)
Nov 04, 2018
A Look Into the Masses Survey (Story)
Oct 14, 2018
Work to Rule Update: Expired Salary Contracts Settled; Future Negotiations Remain Ambiguous (Story)
Oct 13, 2018
Eternal Blackout: An Alternate Ending to Irvington’s Latest Blackout Debacle (Story)
May 18, 2018
Birdie Taking Flight: Jennie Gai Sets her Sights on the 2020 Olympics (Story)
Mar 14, 2018
Irvington students participate in National School Walkout (Media)
Feb 19, 2018
A Taste of Mardi Gras’s International Flavors (Story)
Feb 19, 2018
Irvington Administration Transitions to Stricter Enforcement of Disciplinary Policies (Story)
Jan 28, 2018
Speech Team Wins Big at Martin Luther King Jr. Invitational Tournament (Story)
Dec 17, 2017
A Boy’s Discovery of the Importance of Family: A Review of Coco (Story)
Nov 11, 2017
Patched Courts and Second Place: Girl’s Tennis ends the season on a high note (Story)
Nov 10, 2017
Furious religious leaders, computerized docents, and a earth- shattering secret to be unveiled: Dan Brown’s new book Origin (Story)
Oct 17, 2017
Irvington Administration Accelerates Toward Goal of Gender Neutrality (Story)
May 01, 2017
A Night in Style: 2017 French Fashion Show (Story)
Apr 28, 2017
Irvington administration initiates use of gender neutral pronouns (Story)
Apr 20, 2017
Question Man (Teachers Edition) (Story)
Mar 23, 2017
Irvington cheer leading succeeds at nationals (Story)
Jan 29, 2017
Irvington’s Black Box falling into disrepair (Story)
Jan 29, 2017
Warren Keller Nominated for Raiders High School Coach of the Year Award (Story)
Jan 29, 2017
Fleeting Flight – Mrs. Marcia Luna Feature (Story)
Nov 29, 2016
SURF cultivates leaders through DRC (Story)
Nov 29, 2016
Zili Wang’s craze for cubing (Story/Media)
Nov 29, 2016
Ice 3 Creamery-The Newest Flavor to Fremont’s Ice Cream (Story/Media)
Nov 29, 2016
SURF cultivates leaders through DRC (Story/Media)
Nov 25, 2016
The Newest Flavor to Fremont’s Ice Cream (Story)
Oct 31, 2016
Girls’ Volleyball Ends Season Victorious (Story)
Oct 29, 2016
New Outlets for your Imagination (Story)
Oct 07, 2016
Cross country Overpowered by Moreau (Story)
Sep 29, 2016
Kulture to Korea (Story)
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