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An Exercise in Futility

September 22, 2013

Why proposed actions regarding Syria are unsatisfactory By Chandni Patel Over 100,000 civilians have been killed in Syria since the beginning of its civil war. Thousands of those were defenseless children, elderly, or unarmed. Yet, America stood by until hundreds more of innocents were killed in a...

Sandy Causes Misconceptions

November 8, 2012

Drama Pursues Hurricane Sandy By Chandni Patel Hurricane Sandy is a tropical cyclone that recently caused the destruction of the East Coast, the Caribbean, Eastern Canada, Haiti and part of Mexico. The cyclone itself was not the reason for such widespread destruction; on its path north, the cyclo...

Holiday-Less March

Chandni Patel

March 12, 2012

It's just not fair! Have you ever thought about it? March has no holidays. Going a full month without any extra breaks-its torture. And it shouldn’t be done. Especially not at school, where we have so much to worry about as it is: homework, tests and quizzes, relationships and all the other fun st...

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