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The Sun Is Also A Star, and is also an overbearing flop

One of the film’s few strengths was its aesthetic depiction of Manhattan’s cultural vibrancy.

Fiona Zhao, Student Life Editor

May 25, 2019

Deus ex machina. “God from the machine” in Latin. It’s basically known as the frustrating, contrived plot device that miraculously solves all the plot dilemmas…and it’s exactly what connects The Sun Is Also A Star’s leading “couple.” That is, it’s the phrase emblazoned on leading lady Natasha K...

Movie review: “The Martian”

October 28, 2015

By Tiffany Lin | VTV Editor         Matt Damon gets lost in space yet again in the new movie, “The Martian,” which is based on a novel by Andy Weir. “The Martian” follows the journey of Damon’s character, Mark Watney, and his struggles to survive on Mars after his crew abandons him...

Awards Season Guide and Preview

January 17, 2013

Get ready for Hollywood’s biggest wins and snubs of the year By Emya Kuo If you have not already, it is time to unroll the red carpets and turn on the spotlights; awards season has begun and is rolling along! Here is a quick guide to everything you should know and be watching for during this ...