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Overhyped and Underwhelming: A review of Happy Lemon’s “Salted Cheese” drinks

Happy Lemon’s salted cheese is served as a layer on top of your drink, which you’re supposed to sip at a 45 degree angle, according to the store.

Subaita Rahman, Entertainment and Humor Editor

May 18, 2018

Lately, “salted cheese” boba drinks have been gaining more and more popularity, especially from a certain store called Happy Lemon. The menu consists of normal boba drinks with an optional layer of their salted cheese topping, which is supposed to enhance your drink further. When I first heard abo...

Espanolandia 2017: New designs and booths bring in crowds

Espanolandia 2017: New designs and booths bring in crowds

Manbir Ghuman, Photos and Web Editor

April 26, 2017 On March 21, the second day of Multicultural Week, MECHA held its annual Espanolandia festival in the gym, boasting new booth designs and drawing large crowds of students and teachers. This year’s Espanolandia gave Irvington students the opportunity to experience...

ASB to gradually implement Club Rush changes

Jeffrey Ding, Angela Chan, Carole Ku (11) enjoy fruit popsicles and acai bowls (Photo: Caitlin Chen)

December 30, 2015

By Caitlin Chen | Opinions Editor Though this year’s Club Rush was subject to a list of requirements released by the California Department of Education’s Nutrition Services Division, many clubs continued to sell foods that did not meet the set standards. “The requirements weren’t super...

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