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Irvington Science Fair Displays Research of Young Scientists

March 20, 2014

Junior high school students collaborate with high school mentors to produce variety of research projects By Matthew Chan | Staff Writer Horner Junior High School and Irvington High School science students participated in the Irvington Science Fair, hosted by IHS Biotech Club and Science Alliance...

E-Book Recall

September 22, 2013

AP Biology online textbooks recalled By Shayna Kapadia About a week before school started, the district informed the science department that they would not receive take-home hardcopies of the new AP Biology textbook. Instead, they would receive online textbooks. According to AP Biology teacher Mr. Ch...

The Old Tradition: Pig Skin

Kanika Priyadarshi

October 7, 2011

A Great Way to Spend Time with Your Family and Support Irvington Various different aromas of cooked meat filled the air in the courtyard on October 3, 2011, where Irvington’s all-famous Pigskin was held. IHS derived the event’s name, “Pigskin” from the material the first football was made of—pi...

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