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Playing Through History combines history with video games

Prateek Ashthana (10) watches as his classmate plays

Caitlin Chen, Editor-in-Chief

December 2, 2016

Under the supervision of Honors World History teacher Mr. V, a group of sophomores devise a battle plan. “Guys, do you want to attack the new city or the first city?” “Look at Barcelona. Take the new city.” “Yeah, just keep going—” “Yeah, move that one there. Just defend—” ...

Welcoming new staff: An Irvington edition

September 30, 2012

At Irvington High School, new staff members seem to be swarming like bees for this school year. By Sonakshi Maheshwari Mr. Anaya (Pre-Calculus and Algebra 1) Question: A few sentences about yourself. Answer: “I’m from Fremont, CA. and I used to teach in Oakland at Ralph Bunch School, th...

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