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NaFu’s Guide to Romance

NaFu’s Guide to Romance
By Atira Nair and Sabrina Sun, Staff Writer and Entertainment Editor January 30, 2017

Dear NaFu, I’ve been trying to get a girlfriend but I can’t seem to understand girls. They always get angry with me or run away. One time, I walked up to a girl and started telling her about my...

Dear Nafu

Fiona Zhao, Staff Writer December 6, 2016

Dearest Nafu, People are so confusing these days. They point at each other, calling out to do something called a “dab”. What is a “dab”? And, like, how am I supposed to know what the heck all...

Dear Nafu

March 21, 2016

By “Nathan Fu” | Entertainment Editor   Questions: 1. Dear Nafu, I tried to ask this girl out but for some reason she ran away screaming. I don’t understand. All I did was wear my trusty...

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