The Irvington Voice


October 16, 2015

Stress has taken over the lives of many Irvington students. By Ayush Patel and Shannon Tseng | Staff Writers Everything is a race. Projects are no longer opportunities to learn cooperation; they’re only obstacles in the way of success. Tests are no longer tools to assess academic progress; they...

Mission prevailed over Irvington Girl’s Tennis

October 16, 2015

By Shannon Tseng | Staff Writer On Thursday October 1, Irvington and Mission San Jose went head-to-head in an intense match. After two grueling hours, Irvington lost to Mission with a score of 0-7. Irvington had a rocky start; varsity and junior varsity players alike had a hard time scoring. During t...

Sandy Causes Misconceptions

November 8, 2012

Drama Pursues Hurricane Sandy By Chandni Patel Hurricane Sandy is a tropical cyclone that recently caused the destruction of the East Coast, the Caribbean, Eastern Canada, Haiti and part of Mexico. The cyclone itself was not the reason for such widespread destruction; on its path north, the cyclo...

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