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Music For Manhattan Sets A New Record

December 28, 2012

Local benefit concert raises over $1500 By Sophia Chan On Friday, December 21, IHS Resonance Club’s benefit concert, Music For Manhattan, raised $1539 for OccupySandy, a non-profit organization focused on helping those greatly affected by the 2012 Superstorm Sandy. This annual benefit concert ...

Confidential: ASB Case File

Sophia Chan

October 30, 2011

ASB--from a pessimistic's point of view Date: Saturday 8 October 2011 Time: 1307 hours Location: SU Agent: S. Chan           ASB is always shot down for making bad choices, holding poor dances, and being a useless class. I've been assigned to report what really goes on in Mr. Will...

iPhone Infinity AK4859ERT

Sophia Chan

October 21, 2011

The technology pursuit? So. The new iPhone 4S is out. Or rather, the new iPhone 4.5 is out. And frankly, I could care less. Each year since 2007, a new iPhone model comes out. And each year, millions of people in first-world countries stand in line through scorching sun, pouring rain, heavy sleet, or ...

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