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Google maps of Havasu St/Choctaw Dr (where suspected was spotted)
Attempted Robbery Behind Warm Springs Community Park
Crystal Chen, Staff Writer • November 17, 2021

On the afternoon of September 3rd, shots were fired near the Warm Springs community park, at the intersection of Havasu Street and Choctaw Drive....

The P-wing, room 84, and Valhalla were a few of the many buildings that were found to have putty in the door locks. Though most of it was cleaned out by the district maintenance team in the morning, a follow-up email noted concerns about residual stickiness.
Irvington Classroom Door Vandalization
Nichelle Wong, Staff Writer • November 12, 2021
Credit: US Drought Monitor. California is currently in crippling drought, with the majority of the state in exceptional drought. More than one storm is necessary to remove all of that red.
Why California Needs a Wet Winter
Sumukh Murthy, Web Editor • November 12, 2021
The Old Well at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Last month, a federal court ruled that the school could continue to use Affirmative Action in admission, defeating a lawsuit brought up by the rights group Students for Fair Admissions.
Affirmative Action is Un-American
Leopoldo Gaitieri, Staff Writer • November 17, 2021

America: the land of opportunity. A land where everyone is treated fairly, with “equal justice under law.” A land which gives everyone a shot at the...

 True crime has exploded in popularity, raising concerns over the ethics of the industry.
True Crime Isn’t Killing Our Ethics. Case Closed.
Rosalyn Weng, Staff Writer • November 16, 2021

“Who’s your favorite murderer?” is probably not something you’d want to hear at a corner of a coffee shop. As our society’s obsession with true...

Fall is the Best Season: I Will Tell You Why
Geetika Mahajan, Editor-In-Chief • November 16, 2021

Oversized sweaters. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place. Now that...

Cancel Culture: Modern Day Witch Trials
Cindy Yu, Opinions Editor • October 25, 2021

Amy Cooper hit the headlines in May of last year. In a Karen-esque incident that left the nation furious,...

IHS Stem Week was filled with eventful STEM-related activities, with topics from computer science to astronomy.
STEM Week Builds to a Successful Set of Events
Ananya Anand and Sumukh Murthy November 17, 2021

STEM Week, an annual collaboration of STEM focused-clubs that aims to provide diverse, logic-based experiences to students, was held from Oct. 25 to 29. Every day of the...

Mini Catrinas made by students in Spanish classes.
MEChA Day of the Dead Recap
November 14, 2021
Trying to catch up on the new releases you missed while you were binging The Office for the eleventh time? The IHS Voice has a comprehensive list of everything you need to read, watch, and listen to to seem culturally informed.
The *Official* Best Media of the Year
Geetika Mahajan, Editor-In-Chief • November 16, 2021

Best New Movies: A Quiet Place 2, John Krasinski: Though this film premiered in 2020, it made its theatrical debut in May 2021. For those who enjoyed the original A Quiet...

Venom 2 Is Deadly Good
Venom 2 Is Deadly Good
October 18, 2021
Irvington’s girls and boys varsity team, pictured after MVALS on Nov. 4 at Quarry Lakes.
Cross Country Finishes Strong With the Squirrel Song
Nichelle Wong and Aditya Bashyam November 20, 2021

Irvington’s cross country team finished their season strong with their Nov. 4 MVALs races at Quarry Lake. Although they started off a little slower due to COVID-19 and...

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