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FUDTA President Brannin Dorsey asks the Board to allocate remaining district funds to students.
9/14 FUSD Board Meeting: National Merit Scholarship, Budget Overviews, and More
Helen Yuan, Opinions Editor • September 29, 2022

On Sep.14, 2022, the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) Board of Education held its first Regular Meeting during the 2022-23 school year....

NIMBYism often makes building more affordable housing impossible.
NIMBYism - The Antithesis to the American Dream
Jessica Li, Staff Writer • September 29, 2022

 Housing crisis: a term thrown around during every election, promised yet rebuked once one is in the office. However, for a problem so large the...

Instant Ramen Poetry
Instant Ramen Poetry
Sophie Mo, Staff Writer • June 2, 2022

In contemporary times, a new form of poetry has begun to seep into our everyday consciousness. These types of poems, labeled “Instapoetry,” are posted...

A Reflection on Narcissism and Social Media
Nichelle Wong, Staff Writer • May 30, 2022

The story of Narcissus is well known: a young Greek lad encounters a pool of water and falls in love...

Life Tenure for Supreme Court Justices Should Be Abolished
Emily Shu, Staff Writer • May 10, 2022

In the current era of U.S. politics, research suggests that partisanship is the main source of divide...

Ms. Tutass poses for a photo in front of her desk.
Assistant Principal Spotlight: Ms. Tutass
Katelyn Shen, Staff Writer • September 29, 2022

For the past fifteen years, Ms. Jennifer Tutass taught small classrooms of students with specific learning needs. Today, she is here as Assistant Principal for Irvington’s...

Heartstopper’s track features multiple pieces from LGBTQ+ artists in addition to original scores. (Netflix)
Comic to Screen: ‘Heartstopper’ is a Heartwarmer
Urmi Mandal, Features Editor • May 30, 2022

Friends to Lovers. Teen life to Drama. “Heartstopper” delivers these timeless tropes refreshingly. Released April 22, 2022, on Netflix, “Heartstopper” is an adaptation...

Irvington Vikings have an extraordinary turnout for the LINK Football Game, with the student section decked out in black and cheering on the team.
Vikings Football Dominates Link Game
Suyash Lakhmani, Editor in Chief • September 23, 2022

The Irvington Vikings Football team took home a decisive 27-13 victory against James Lick Comets at the LINK game. Held on Saturday, September 10th, the game was a success...

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