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The board discusses proposals raised by parents and students about integrating Hindi.
Hindi: An Official Language in FUSD
Ojas Vatsyayan, Sports Editor • April 30, 2024

   As the push to involve Hindi as an official language in FUSD mounts, tensions came to a rise during FUSD’s November 15 Board Meeting....

President Biden delivers a speech in Culver City California. Manuel Balce Ceneta (AP Photo)
Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan
Dipen Prabhu, Staff Writer • April 30, 2024
Ms. Dotseva organizes auditioners as the first group of students warm-up to audition for the next year’s competitive dance class.
Irvington's New Competitive Dance Class
Sumeet Mangat, Staff Writer • February 7, 2024
MSA Secretary Iman Shoukat (12) talks about the end of the 4-day November ceasefire.
MSA Palestine Awareness Event
Dipen Prabhu, Staff Writer • April 30, 2024

On Thursday, January 25, members of Irvington’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) hosted an informational event after school in Norse Hall to spread awareness...

Audience members at the Blacklight Rally wave their cell phone flashlights during a Finish the Lyrics contest.
The Success of Versus Week and Spring Fling
Francis Luo, Broadcast Manager • April 30, 2024

During the week of March 18 to March 22, ASG put on Irvington’s annual Versus Week, culminating in Friday night’s Blacklight Rally and Spring Fling....

Physical Books vs Digital Books: A War Between Experience and Convenience
Dipen Prabhu, Staff Writer • April 30, 2024

Stories have existed since the beginning of the human species. In the year 1994, a group of speleologists found cave paintings in the Chauvet cave in France that dated back...

Mason Davis (12) attempts a jump shot
Irvington Boys' Basketball Pushes Back Against Mission San Jose
Crystal Chen, Features/Graphics Editor • February 7, 2024

On Thursday, January 11, Irvington Boys Basketball’s home game against Mission San Jose resulted in a loss of 43-75. Despite ending with a 32-point deficit, Irvington Vikings...

Struggling Humans: Seniors Give Freshmen Advice
Emily Shu, Editor-in-Chief/Entertainment Editor • April 30, 2024

Q. Freddie Feng: "How do students with band and sports practices after school manage their academics?" A. Sandee Liu: "Lock your phone !!! It’s an ongoing process that...

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January 31, 2024
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