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Article submissions from the general public are published here. The opinions expressed in this section do not represent those of the Voice, nor of anyone affiliated with it. If you disagree with the viewpoints expressed in any of these articles, your best recourse would be to write your own article as a refutation.


Submission Requirements:
1. The article must be at least 200 words.
2. The article must not advocate for anything illegal or be illegal in itself.
3. The article must not support, deny, or advocate for genocide.
4. The article must not be promotional/spam.
5. The article must not be otherwise objectionable. Yes, this is subjective, but it is a necessary catchall for poor submissions that don’t violate any of the previous rules. Rest assured, we won’t use this to censor opinions we don’t like.

6. The article may include (though not required) one high quality photo with appropriate credits and a caption. If you want your article to appear on the website homepage, you NEED a photo.

7. The article must have a title.


If the article submission fulfills the above criteria, it will be considered for publication, regardless of the opinion expressed within. However, we reserve the right to not publish articles for any reason or none whatsoever. We also reserve the right to edit your article prior to publication.


Article Ideas:

  1. Respond to one of our articles (Letter to the Editor) or another Public Forum article.
  2. Express an opinion about an Irvington, Local, Regional, National, or International issue.
  3. Write a satire or humor piece.
  4. Write anything else you want… we’re not stopping you.


Submit your articles here:

Letter to the Editor (Affirmative Action)

Isha Rajan, Guest Writer December 22, 2021

Dear Editor, I recently read the opinion piece in The Voice titled “Affirmative Action is Un-American.” The piece made some solid points about how everyone should be treated fairly. However, it...

Homecoming Dance, Chaotic but Fun

My Experience with Homecoming — Why I’m Glad I Attended

Jonathan Cheng, Guest Writer November 2, 2021

I love watching movies or shows set in high school. Mean Girls. Never Have I Ever. Spiderman Homecoming. They’re like guilty pleasures that remind me how the traditional high school experience was so...

A portrait of eccentric Paraguayan dictator Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia.

Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia (or a Creative Tribute to National Hispanic Heritage Month)

Sultan Sultanonu, Guest Writer October 10, 2021

Of the 19 countries in Latin America, the nation of Paraguay is among the least discussed. It’s not much for tourism (not a lot to see) and its history is short, sad, confused, and confusing. Yet, somehow,...

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