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Members of the Irvington Tree Mafia attend Alderinas funeral.

In Memoriam: Irvington’s Tree Mafia Matriarch

Francis Luo, Staff Writer January 31, 2023

Over winter break, Opia Alderina Jr. III, one of the trees in the courtyard, died peacefully in her home. (Read: violently chopped down.) Though many Irvington students may not have known the tree very...

We dont feel good

Irvington Needs a New School Chant

Katelyn Shen, Staff Writer November 3, 2022

Let’s face it. Irvington needs a new school chant. For those unfamiliar with the chant, it starts with one person saying, “Irvington, how do you feel?” and the crowd responds, “We feel good! Oh!...

US Department of Energy image of the 1954 detonation of the Castle Bravo hydrogen bomb.

An Explosive Proposal

Sumukh Murthy and Skand Parvatikar June 2, 2022

Nuclear weapons are among the oldest companions of mankind. Six thousand years ago, when the world was newly made, every man took with him a Little Boy or Fat Man to accompany him on the hunt. It is no...

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