Caye of Wonder

Exploring the wonders of Ambergris Caye

We’ve all been to the beach, but few have stepped onto the beaches of Ambergris Caye. The largest of the islands of Belize, Ambergris Caye is a popular tourism spot and was once featured in Islands Magazine as one of the top 10 islands people want to live in most – and it’s easy to see why. Ambergris Caye is both peaceful and beautiful, an amazing place to go to if you’re looking for a spot to relax.
San Pedro Town, the only city in Ambergris Caye, is one of the best places to be on the island if you enjoy being around people or want to experience the culture of Belize. Only one and a half miles long, the city has many bars, restaurants, hotels, and clubs for people to visit. There are also luxurious resorts and beach houses to live in during your stay. In fact, practically everything is within walking distance, making travel affordable and convenient. The official language there also happens to be English, making communication quite easy. Snorkeling is especially common in San Pedro and extremely fun to do. In addition, there are plenty of spas, art galleries, and souvenir shops to visit for those who prefer being indoors. But, whether it’s getting a massage the Mayan way or swimming with the fishes underwater, you’re sure to have fun in San Pedro Town.
All around the island are gorgeous, white sand beaches interloping with the clear Carribean Sea. There, you will find many things to do as well, such as fishing and simply hitting the beaches. If you’re more interested in admiring the beauty of the sea, you might want to try scuba diving or sailboating. Whether from below or from above, the Carribean Sea is a stunning sight, and it houses the Belize Barrier Reef, located off the shores of Ambergris Caye. Even better, its clear, calm water makes it extremely easy to see the over 600 exotic species that reside in the barrier reef. As you peer in, you will see beautiful coral gardens, colorful tropical fish, and many invertebrates as well.
A gorgeous and relaxing place to visit, Ambergris Caye has much to offer. No matter what you like to do, there is a place for you at Ambergris Caye. The next time you plan a vacation, consider Ambergris Caye. You won’t regret it!