Rejection Letter

Dear Class of ’09,

We love you.  But you really need to leave us alone.  Sure, we had our good times over the summer and in the past school year.  We had fun partying with you guys over the summer, but now its time for us to go back to school and be the new senior class.  We remember watching you guys slack off during senioritis, so now its our time.  You guys don’t need to keep coming back.  Yeah, we do miss you, but we want to shine.  We want to be looked up to as seniors, like you guys were.  You guys need to leave us so you can move on with your college lives and we can move on with ours.  We run this town now and we don’t want anyone stealing our spotlight.  With you guys here being super seniors, you kind of are grabbing all the attention.  Thank you for understanding.

Class of ‘10