Top Ten Advice For a Freshman

Because The Voice cares about the ones unnoticed

10 Don’t do drugs. Don’t get pregnant.

9 Don’t cheat in school. Cheat outside of school.

8 The people in your Change Project Group are not your friends.

7 Don’t think you’re special because you have a hallway named after yourself. Wait, why do we call it freshman hallway anyway?!

6 The New lockers are freshman-sized if you know what I mean..

5 travel in groups: for every 5 freshman, only 3 of you will actually get hurt.

4 Don’t drink and drive (not that you could do either.)

3 Getting good grades is a good thing; No matter what people say, a “C” does not stand for cool and a “D” does not stand for “dope”, but you know what an “F” stands for..

2 Read The Voice … religiously.

1 Never question this Top Ten List, or bad things will happen