AC Transit Troubles

Bus driver can’t drive

The AC Transit drivers seem to be awfully distracted lately.  On numerous occasions, students in the Warm Springs district have arrived late to school because the bus driver was either late to pick them up or did not bother to show up at all.  It doesn’t help us that the administration gives detentions for coming late to class.

The problem of tardiness on the AC Transit’s part persists even after school.  Often times, a mob of students will be left stranded on the field near the flag pole because the bus driver “forgot” to pick them up.

“It is frustrating when the bus driver decides not to show up when the bus is your only form of transportation” said junior Jason Wang.

I am just as confused as the rest of us as to how the bus driver can possibly forget to make a stop when the route is the same everyday. But  the students left stranded on the field show us that it is possible.