A Rough Year For the Girls’ Tennis Team

Will They Pull Through?

Although the girls’ tennis team has been working hard, this year has been rough for them from the start. First, they have a new coach, and only two freshmen tried out. Then, it’s been injury after injury for these girls. Their first match of the season was against Mission San Jose High School, the reigning tennis league champions. And their second match was against American High School, another incredibly difficult team.
Head Coach Dan Leon is coaching the Lady Vikings for the first time. He says, “Consistency, the big C. If we’re consistent, we can beat the other teams, girls.”

However, with thirteen seniors from last year gone, and only two freshmen on the team, it’s hard to say where these girls stand. Even worse, numerous injuries have been hampering the team. Both Captain Annie Lou and Captain Lucia Wang have had ankle problems, while senior Jessica Park has been dealing with a bad knee. Sophomore Serena Bui has been playing with her wrist in a brace all season. Senior Johanna Illysa Padrid was originally slated to be a member of the team, but due to a bad shoulder, she had to drop out. Other small injuries have been also plaguing the Lady Vikings.

Mission San Jose High School has always had a very good tennis team, but this team is one of the best in years. The Lady Vikings lost in a stunning 0-7 loss on September 22, the first game of the season, with both varsity and junior varsity losing. The sole win was from senior Kristen Lee and sophomore Karina Uchiumi, who were at the time the junior varsity #1 doubles team. The second match was against American High School, another tough team, on September 24. The score was 2-5, a disappointing loss.

The next match was against Logan High School on September 29. The first win, the girls won 5-2. The Lady Vikings had played in the Logan Tournament and lost, but as Coach Dan says, payback is sweet. Against Kennedy High School, the first away game, junior varsity and varsity players won without a single loss. Next was Washington High School, a game won 5-2. Unfortunately, both the number one singles player and the number one doubles team lost.

The girls’ tennis season ends on Friday, October 30 with a home game against Newark Memorial High School. This year is a rebuilding year for the team, but they are confident they will make it through.