Paranormal Activity: Undeniably Scary

A satisfying, terrifying movie experience

Paranormal Activity, a low budget documentary-style horror flick, has been critically acclaimed as the “scariest movie of the decade”.  After experiencing increased disturbances by a demonic presence, young couple Katie and Micah put their theories to the test by filming the haunting presence when it is most active, in the middle of the night.

Paranormal Activity has achieved what most recent horror movies have failed to do: deliver true horror.  Instead of using the conventional blood and guts of modern day horror films, Paranormal Activity contains a psychologically terrifying and cleverly suspenseful plot.  No other movie has made me squirm in my seat from a creaking door like Paranormal Acitvity did.

This film, containing obvious influences from 1999’s The Blair Witch Project, was filmed on a hand held camera with an ultra low budget of $11,000.  It raked in $7.1 million in one weekend and has set records for the highest revenue for a limited release showing.  Paranormal Activity, an originally low-buzz indie film, has become the biggest new movie purely by word of mouth.  Instead of advertising the movie, the film producers left the advertising to the viewers.  It started off with small screenings in colleges and selected theaters, but due to high demand it has grown exponentially since then.  Paranormal Activity is now scheduled for a full nationwide release after reaching 1,000,000 online demands by horror movie lovers.  What sets Paranormal Activity apart from all of the other horror films is its profound after-affect.  The actual intensity of the film will come nowhere near to what the hype wants you to believe, but one thing that all viewers have been able to report later is trouble sleeping.  Once the lights go off, and your instincts kick in, you’ll almost be able to feel the same haunting presence Katie and Micah felt.  After all, the movie is about what happens when you’re asleep.