Vampire Diaries: Another Twilight?

The scoop behind the CW’s latest teen dramance

At first glance, the CW’s latest Thursday night teen “dramance” seems like a carbon copy of Twilight.  Teen Vampire heartthrob? Check.  Teenage star-struck girl? Check.  Smalltown, America? Check.  While it is true that Vampire Diaries resembles Twilight in some glaring ways, it also manages to distinguish itself from the norm with its interesting plot line and starlet studded cast.

Nina Dobrev, from Degrassi: the Next Generation, shines as Elena, the main protagonist.  Elena, who recently lost her parents in a car accident, lives with her druggy brother, and is trying to survive her senior year.  Paul Wesley is the perfect fit as the broody vampire hero Stefan.  Although the circling love of Stefan and Elena is a bit cliché, the actors’ chemistry helps in part make up for it.  The real star, however, is Lost’s Ian Somerhalder, who plays Stefan’s evil, cynical, but completely gorgeous older brother, Damon.  He epitomizes the perfect villain – one you can’t help falling for.

The writers’ keep the dialogue fresh and snappy with verbatim that the general teen audience can definitely relate to.  Much of the pilot and second episode were scenes from late-night parties, hallway conversations, embarrassing school moments, and midnight soul-searching.  The conflict between Damon and Stefan is perfected to the hilt, and the chemistry between Elena and Stefan is undeniable.  With Stefan and Elena already on the fast track to couple-hood, however, there could be a dry spell for teenage angst and love chases in Season 2.  If Vampire Diaries is anything like the books it is based on, however, it will have many twists and turns in its plot up ahead.  Be sure to check out this new show on the CW at 9 p.m. Thursday night!